Vox Angelorum Choir

Welcome to the website of Vox Angelorum Choir. A brief introduction, Vox Angelorum Choir is a Catholic-based choir that serves in Maria Bunda Karmel parish, Jakarta – Indonesia.

You can find everything related to Vox Angelorum Choir here. You can get information about our choir’s profile, a list of our achievements, past and future performances, and repertoire. And you can get to know us better with our little gallery of photos, that we hope, represent our journey throughout the years.

Feel free to drop us a message at our Contact Us section in this website or email us at vox.angelorum.mbk@gmail.com. We will be more than happy to hear anything from you!

You can also follow us on our social media:

  • Instagram: @voxangelorumchoir
  • Facebook Fanpage: Vox Angelorum Choir
  • Official Line Account: @voxangelorumchoir (using “@”)
  • Youtube: Vox Angelorum Choir

Thank you & God bless!